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From Port Huron Michigan and Hwy. 402

Cross into Canada at Port Huron/Sarnia and follow Hwy. 402 east to Interchange 65 at Strathroy. Follow Hwy. 81 north for three kilometres (two miles) to County Road 19. Head north to Ailsa Craig, then follow Hwy. 7 east to Stratford.

From Chicago, Detroit and Hwy. 401

Cross into Canada at Detroit/Windsor and follow Hwy. 401 east to Exit 222 Embro Road (the next exit after Ingersoll), then follow County Road 6 north to Stratford.

ALTERNATELY: Take Exit 218 at Ingersoll instead of 222*. Follow Hwy 19 North through Ingersoll to Hwy 7 East to Stratford.

Lake Erie Ferry crossings

In season, a ferry crosses Lake Erie between Sandusky, Ohio, and Leamington, Ontario. For information, call: 1-800-661-2220.

From Buffalo and the QEW

Cross into Canada at Buffalo, Fort Erie. Follow the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) across Burlington Skyway to Exit 100. Take Hwy. 403 west to the Hwy. 6 North. Follow Hwy. 6 North to Hwy. 401 at the village of Morriston. Proceed west on Hwy. 401, exiting at Interchange 278 on to Hwy. 8 West to Kitchener. Follow Hwy. 8 west into Kitchener to Hwy. 7/8 west to Stratford.

From Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal

Follow Hwy. 401 west to Interchange 278 at Kitchener. Follow Hwy. 8 west through Kitchener, then join Hwy. 7/8 west to Stratford.