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I bake something fresh every morning.  It creates a great aroma as guests are coming down for breakfast; gives them something to nibble on while I put the finishing touches on their hot entree; and I think its a nice touch as most folks don't get something freshly baked at breakfast when at home.  Earlier, I wrote about croissants as one pastry I do quite often.  Muffins are another.  I know, muffins seems kind of frumpy, but I think part of that reputation comes from so many bad muffins out there - dry, bland, crumbly, heavy.  I did a lot of recipe testing last winter, and am really pleased with this version - it is quite moist and light, with a great texture.

One big hit of the season has been rhubarb muffins, which really are pretty good - the sour taste of the rhubard (apparently a vegetable!) contrasts nicely with the sweetness of the muffin and the brown sugar-streusel topping.  Since rhubarb's season is so short, I loaded up the Farmers' Market and through Soiled Reputation (of Manic Organic fame) for several weeks in a row during the spring, chopped it up, and froze it.  It freezes beautifully, and that way I can be serving rhubarb muffins all the way through the fall.

The nice thing about the recipe I use is its flexibility: easy to swap one fruit in for another.  One of our guests ask for no rhubarb (apparently high in oxalic acid, which I didn't know).  Easy swap: did with black cherries instead.  Empty baskets!

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