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Something Old, Something New

We've been serving quiche every few days, all season.  Lorraine, with local Perth County pasture-raised pork from here, along with gruyere cheese and onions is always popular.  However, as a vegetarian option, today we did a more Mediterranean-style quiche, with sauteed spinach and onions, sun-dried tomatoes, toasted pinenuts and goat cheese.

What really makes it, though, is the homemade crust - flakey and buttery - and adds a nice crunch to the creamy filling.

We added something new to the rotation recently, as beautiful peaches started to come into season.  Blanched, peeled, simmered in a sweet marsala wine sauce with cinnamon and vanilla, and then left to macerate in the fridge overnight  We served it with yogourt and homemade granola.

Was a nice breakfast!


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