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Smoked Salmon Hash

Smoked salmon is one of the items that can be very polarizing: people either love it or hate it.  This is why we go to great lengthes prior to guests arriving to ask about food allergies and dislikes.  We really are happy to accommodate special requests, and have made a number of vegetarians, vegans, lacto-vegetarians and outright omnivores happy this season.

Today's breakfast is one of John's favourites to serve, as it seems special and different from the typical fare.  First, onions, bell peppers and Yukon Gold potatoes (or Red Bliss, depending on what's available) are sauteed until golden brown.  This savoury blend is allowed to cool slightly, so it is still warm, but not blazing hot.  Then, thinly sliced smoked salmon is layered over top.  It's is important that the potatoes aren't too hot, otherwise they will "cook" the lox.  Final touch: a drizzle of sour cream seasoned with salt, pepper and fresh dill.

Smoked salmon isn't for everyone, but for those who love it, this dish has been really well-received.

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