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We have some guests coming in the next week or so, who apparently love croissants!  John worked in several hotel pastry kitchens as a teen, and got lots of practice with different danish, croissants and other breads.  But it had been a few years since he made a batch.  Plus, with different ingredients, a new stove to work with, he wanted to get some testing in ahead of the guests' arrival.

First batch was good, but not excellent, and so we happily munched on them ourselves, but didn't serve.  The second batch turned out really well, and... the baskets came back completely empty!  Fifteen croissants for twelve guests... hmmm you do the math!  Incredibly flakey, made with only butter (no shortening), and a very long, slow rise in the fridge overnight.  Final proof for a couple of hours before baking off.  Made the house house smell great, mixing with the aroma of coffee brewing.

Some (not very good) pictures of the process, and the result.

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I don't know who you wrote this for but you helped a breohtr out.

Comment by Lakeisha - Feb 03 2016

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