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Top Your Own... Bagels!

John came across the name Peter Reinhart many years ago, when the latter had an article publish in Fine Cooking magazine (here) with great instructions for making outstanding bagels at home.

Over the years, as Peter published more and more cookbooks, John assiduously acquired each one... Brother Juniper's Bread Book (Peter was a lay-member of a religious order); Artisan Breads Everyday; Bread Baker's Apprentice (James Beard Award winner); Crust & Crumb; American Pie (a great exploration of the various forms of pizza).  In other words, John was sort of a Reinhart-groupie, and has been lucky enough to meet Peter on a couple of occasions, as well as swap helpful (to John) emails with him over the years.  You can read about Peter's most recent adventures on his blog here.

FYI, Peter is an instructor/chef at the prestigious Johnson & Wales university/cooking school.  In addition, as John and some colleagues lovingly referred to him, Peter is the "dough god." :)

We had some guests (who turned out were wonderful folks) stay with us for a stretch, who specifically said that they had read this blog, and one of them didn't like quiche, frittata or anything else "eggy." As we thought about what to serve them, the memory of Peter's bagels surfaced.

So, here's a photo-journal of the process!

Dough shaped into little balls (very dry, stiff dough, made with high-gluten bread flour):

After proofing, in a more bagel-like shape:

After the boil, which gives bagels their characteristic chewy texture, topped (and bottomed) with a mix of sesame, poppy and fennel seeds:

Just out of the oven:


The "top-your-own" part: smoked salmon (lox); heirloom tomatoes; red onion, lemon, capers, cream cheese:


Finished product:

Thanks Peter!

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