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Turn-Down Treats

Ok, so not really breakfast.... more like nighttime snack.

After the house emptied out this past week, John played around with some different ideas for next season.  We're thinking (hoping, wishing, praying) that if there is enough time, we'll leave turn-down snacks in guests rooms.  No promises, still an idea in development.

Think about the proverbial "mint on the pillow idea," but plused up.  Perhaps alternate between coconut macaroons, dipped in chocolate, and the classic French macaron, one night almond, the next chocolate baked/sandwiched within?  What do you think?

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More deliciousness! Always welcome in my book. Looking forward to our stay next season.

Comment by Wilma - Dec 29 2015

Just found the blog, and WOW! Your turn-down will always be a treat. Your new breakfast pastries....can't wait! Our June reservation seems a long time away!

Comment by Carla Teagan - Feb 09 2016

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